You-know-Who Apologized.

On 8th February Mr. Altaf Hussain, the all mighty, was addressing his, enthusiastic and ‘Junooni’, followers. As usual the entire Karachi was there to listen to most patriotic leader the nation has ever seen, who loves Pakistan so much that he’s sitting outside the country, for the past 22 years, to make our beloved nation safer. With the people sitting listening to him in Karachi were also people around the country cheering for their leader as their favorite show was on, and ladies and gentlemen, on every single news channel. Lucky nation.

Everything was going normal and usual until AH started attacking the women of PTI. In a sarcastic tone called them characterless and he, especially, took the name of Ms. Shireen Mazari, the information secretary of PTI, and compared her to the women of a place in Lahore which starts with an ‘H’ but isn’t suitable to mention. The shocking part for me wasn’t Mr. Altaf’s language but the non-stop transmission from TV channels and PEMRA, the regulatory authority of media, was also at fault who didn’t even care to shut the transmissions down when it was required the most. Most of the people in the gathering in Karachi, along with everybody watching on the tele, were shocked but some, gathered in Karachi, also laughed at his disgraceful statement. The public reacted on these statements and in just few hours the social media was full of AH bashing. It wasn’t like Altaf Hussain just came out of nowhere and starting talking rubbish, recently a Joint Investigation Team’s report came out in which people of MQM were blamed to put the factory in Baldia Town on fire, which killed more than 250 workers, when their ‘bhatta’ wasn’t given. And Shireen Mazari only highlighted the fact that JIT stated that MQM was involved and investigation should take place.

On the next day, 9th February, Mr. Imran Khan, Chairman of PTI, addressed a press conference outside his house in Bani Gala. Kaptaan started with the JIT and said that the issue should be immediately investigated. Then the furious khan, with all sorts of machine guns in his hands, started firing straight at AH, time and time again called him ‘neem pagal’ and a psychopath. IK who already has filed a case on Altaf Hussain in the UK, asked the Prime Minister, Mian Nawaz Sharif, to pursue the case and provide the two witnesses, who currently are jailed in Karachi, to the Scotland Yard. Mr. Khan was also angered by the way he spoke about women. He several times, before this press conference and also during the ‘Dharna’, stated that women are a very important and integral component of our movement and it was the first time women in this quantity were coming out for their nation. Kaptaan asked Altaf Hussain to apologize for his statement and until then PTI’s any representative wouldn’t sit with any of the MQM representative on any platform. He also asked MQM to separate themselves with this madman. Kaptaan, for our women, pushed the throttle to the full, took Altaf to the cleaners and proved he is the only leader in this town, as Dr. Moeed Pirzada, a senior analyst, tweeted, “With its bold stand on Terrorism in Karachi & putting A-Hussain on defensive PTI has emerged as the only national party with a conscience”

The following day was a day like all Tuesdays, everything was happening as it was expected, the sun rose from the east, the sky was blue, the PTI twitter people were trending things without any reason, some haters were still bashing Reham Khan, Noonies were as illogical as always and then the clock’s small hand stuck at angle of 240 degrees. The time was 8 and Kashif Abbasi was going to come on the record for his Off The Record show. Well, everything about the show was also normal but 55 minutes past the 8 mark, the sky became red and lightning struck, You-Know-Who was on Tele. He defended his party as usual but the most important part was that he apologized to all PTI women and especially Ms. Shireen Mazari as he said, “I am sorry Shireen Mazari”.

No one in this country can do what the Kaptaan did. He put AH and MQM, the party that frightens everybody including the large media corporations, to the defensive and forced AH to apologize. But Kaptaan isn’t like other politicians who compromises on the issue, he said today, on the 12th February, that we accept Altaf’s apology but we wouldn’t be silent on the JIT and Baldia Town factory issue. He is the selfless leader that this nation needs. In the leadership of our Kaptaan we can change Pakistan for the better.

That’s all folks.